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Here at the law firm of Markel Lambring & Miller LLP, we want you to be able to reach us at any time as your case will be important to us. We have well over 70 years of combined experience in practicing law, so you can be confident that the services we'll provide and the way we'll handle your case will be in your best interests. You can call or text us at 812-569-7671 or call us at 812-358-3200.
You can contact us for any reason whatsoever whether you need to ask us a simple question about the services we provide or you would like to schedule your consultation. We'll provide you with answers that are easy to understand answers because we want to make your decision to have us represent you a simple one.
We can be reached by email at We'll answer your inquiry as soon as possible. If you care to discuss your situation with us in more detail, we'll provide you with the utmost attention as your satisfaction will be our top priority.
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